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First launched in 2015, “The Box” was quick to gain a respected reputation at Sydney’s Star city Casino for its upbeat and fun atmosphere. This monthly weekend event has carved out a creative party experience for guests with its unique theme nights and miscellaneous surprises that have in turn, captured and conveyed the main concept of “thinking outside the box”.

The Box event continues to be a popular place for Sydney party goers. You can be the chicest fashionista or the quirkiest dancer, the event enables and encourages anyone attending to showcase their exquisite style. The Box event invites an array of live music talents to create a fun atmosphere spinning tracks from Afro-Beat, R&B, Dance Hall, Reggae and Hip Hop genres. Not only this but each month, my team is involved in designing various party activities that encourages guests to get creative and participate to win prizes throughout the night.

The Box is outstanding event concepts in African community in Australian and has won many awards and recognition for outstanding work in entertainment industry.

As showcasing international artist over the years such as Mr Ibu aka John Okafor known as Nigerian  actor and comedian, Eric Omondi, Kenyan artist, Bracket Nigerian R&B Duo, Awilo Longomba, Kevin Lyttle, the list goes on and not to forget our Australia well know from TV series Sarah Roberts , actress, model and dj.  The Box has been delivery and running event in 4 states of Australia that has been a sell-out event with turn up odd 400 plus guest. We are very always looking to extend our skills and take it internationally and we have always wanted to work with a brand that has volume and partnership for the future. Kevin Osifo As the founder and leading director of The Box, We wanted to bring to life an event that combines Fashion, Party Culture and Music. Kevin Osifo have worked in the fashion sector for a large part of his life and have also been constantly exposed to the Sydney party scene.

To add, Kevin Osifo have been a part of the creative direction for well-known party events in Sydney  like Goodbar, Industrie Bar,Sapphire Lounge, The lidcombe bar. The list goes on. The Box’s goal has always been focused on bringing people together to celebrate the present and create memorable experiences. Over the years, The Box have generated a loyal following base where they found great joy in building and nurturing event clientele.

Our Aim

The concept behind The Box aims to create a memorable and fun party experience. Having observed some of the world’s best party scenes, We are firm believers of four key elements that fuse a great party experience. The first is the location, it needs to be a well-known, trendy and easily accessible place in order to attract clients. The second is a carefully orchestrated music selection.

The third element is the need to attract attention from the right crowd that is building a relationship with people who are open to experiencing new ways of partying. And lastly, momentum and drive from the event that will in turn, ignite positive energy and prevent boredom. When these elements are carefully considered, the event becomes a success.

The Box fulfills that niche in the nightclub scene and constantly strives for the highest quality. The team are extremely passionate about events that attract and appeal to its audience.

Music Setting

The Box event houses a wide selection of musical talents. In addition to our in-house DJ playing popular hits as well as past time Afro-Beat. The Box is widely known for its featured guest performances.


A strong marketing plan has been put into place that advertises and promotes The Box event through our database as well as targeted social network campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. In order to stimulate mass interest, our promotions team has been hand selected due to their superb abilities to network and foster client relationships. It remains imperative to give our clients a sense of exclusivity and we were able to achieve this through posting hard copy and e-copy invitations to our intended clientele. As a result, the opening night for The Box event was a huge success plateauing at full capacity.

The Box Australian turn a massive turn in 2019 and did a club collaboration with one of the finest venue In Victoria Island “The Iconic Quilox Fabulous Launch” were both brands joint force to curate something special and spectacular, which has never been done before by two international organizations in events. It was a sell out event with Sponsor by Moët Chandon.

The Box is an understanding marketing event concept in Australia with solid holdings in events across Australia’s biggest city such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and working head to head to touch down more cities internationally.

Moving forward our marketing strategy has shaped and reformed The Box into new ideas, where we are creating platforms for other organizations to collaborate for brand awareness and something unique to all different types of audiences all over the World.


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